The ZPower Rechargeable Hearing Aid System allows for easy battery recharging for most models of major brands, while offering an attractive, clean design for consumers.
For the ZPower Recharchable Battery System, Bridge brought together ingenious engineering with smart consumer-oriented industrial design. The system recharges batteries used in hearing aids, and works with most models of major brands.


The tiny size of most hearing aid batteries – and their relatively short battery life – make them extremely difficult for users to handle, and require reinstalling every few weeks. ZPower’s patent-protected battery technology allows for 24+ hours of power on a single charge, and battery changing about once a year.

ZPower wanted a design that allowed patients – often elderly – great ease in recharging the batteries nightly, and equal facility for them or their audiologist’s office to replace the battery once a year – regardless of the hearing aid brand.

Industrial Design Solution

Users of the rechargeable batteries place them on a charging “dock” each night. Bridge’s industrial design team turned to museums to inspire the look and ease of use of the charging station.  Just as museums use the same pedestal to display different sculptures, the Zpower charger serves in essence as a  “pedestal” onto which different models of hearing aids are easily placed. The design is clean, elegant and efficient.

Engineering Solution

Bridge helped create a design that uses only two custom components for each hearing aid model: a custom shell for the battery door on the hearing aids, and a custom cradle on the charger where the hearing aids sit. All other components in the modified battery door and the charger are common between every hearing aid brand or model.