Smart Products: 7 Trends in Medical

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Solène Bourgeois, director of industrial and interaction designer at Bridge, addressed a packed room recently on the topic:

Smart Products: When our Daily Objects Become Connected

Joining her as speakers were Ivy Roos, head of GoogleGlass; and Denise Gershbein, executive director at Frog. The event was put on by and hosted at the SF offices of R/GA digital agency.

Solene’s talk was titled:   7 Trends in Smart Products in the Medical Field

Listen to her talk in the video below, and browse photos from the event.

Solene, who joined Bridge Design in 2014, has recently been promoted to oversee the Industrial and Interactive Design department for the firm.  In addition to participating at the SheSays event, Solene judged the IXDA student challenge and will be judging the annual student award entries for IDSA.


From left to right:

Solène Bourgeois, director industrial and interaction designer at Bridge Design; Ivy Ross, head of GoogleGlass; Denise Gershbein, executive director at Frog


Discover the full presentation:

More pictures of the event