Twist Eyedrop Dispenser
This patented, pocket-sized drug delivery device, with its novel pump dispenser, allows glaucoma sufferers to accurately administer their own eye medicine. For this fast-paced project, Bridge was tasked with improving pump cocking and firing, particularly for use by an elderly patient demographic. Research led us to a half turn twist for its mechanical advantage and to other nuanced changes to improve the user experience, such as reduced noise to reduce startled reactions and a soft touch finish where the device contacts the eyelid.

Twist Eyedrop Dispenser industrial design exploded view

Project start to sophisticated, double-shot tooled first articles took only six months. Bridge’s multidisciplinary capabilities enabled industrial designers and engineers to work closely together to optimize the design while keeping features realistic for such rapid tooling limitations.

Twist Eyedrop Dispenser designed for ease of use

A special challenge for this project was designing for users who were predominantly over 70 years old.  Twist features a gently contoured soft-touch finger that helps a user pull down their lower eyelid while administering the medication.