Optimus ICU Monitor
Bridge designed the complete product experience for venture capital-backed start-up IntelliDx’s ICU blood glucose monitor. Our designers and engineers were instrumental throughout the design process, from user research to engineering CAD and pixel-perfect UI specs.

The Design Challenge

Optimus ICU Monitor Instructions for use diagramA complex setup involving 3 disposables, numerous OEM catheter connection options, and multiple steps were made simple and intuitive for use with minimal training. The configuration and details of the 15 lb. monitor were optimized for carrying, pole-mounting, and for viewing life-critical data from across the room.

The Design Solution

Optimus ICU Monitor: complete experience designBold, color-coordinated graphics on the disposables are mimicked in the interface on the display to guide the user intuitively through the necessary steps. A library of actual catheter images coupled with product brand names gives users the confidence to know they have selected the right way to make the safety-critical final connection.