iQue Screener
Bridge’s smart integration of disparate system elements helped jump-start the adoption of this revolutionary automated cell-screening tool in research labs. The new design better reflected the value the product offered than the first generation, and helped project a strong brand identity for this start-up company’s flagship product. Our enclosure engineering speeded them to market.

A Revolution in Cell Screening in an Integrated Workflow

The earlier generation was a powerful system, but did not convey this value well.

The Intellicyt iQue TM Screener is truly revolutionary, taking the process of automated cell screening from days to minutes.The heart of this system is powerful ForeCyt® Control & Analysis Software. The earlier generation of the product had all the performance advantages inherent in ForeCyt but the system’s appearance did nothing to convey its value to customers, and what it could portend for the future of drug discovery.

Design Development

Bridge product development processIn the search for a distinctive and monumental form befitting the platform’s capabilities, thorough design exploration was disciplined by access needs and technician ergonomics.

Communicating Function Through Form

iQue Screener industrial design: function through formThe products’s shape was inspired from by the IC50 curve, one form of output that collected sample data may take.

Distinction in the Laboratory

iQue: distinct industrial designThe new system is a unified form designed to command attention in a laboratory setting. The sampling area, where the action takes place, is highlighted with a front corner like a building marquee.

Facilitating Screening Preparation


The device is also designed to save time on setup and maintenance.  A laboratory technician must regularly prime and prep the system. Access points with large handles and wide openings ease the technician’s tasks, allowing for more time for cell screening and less down time for prep.

Ease of Workflow

iQue: ease of workflowPlacing visual emphasis on points of user interaction to guide intuitive workflow also helped shape the overall device aesthetic.

Engineering Development


Differentiation Through Design

iQue: differentiation through designPrior to the redesign, potential customers failed to see that the system’s value was so much more than the sum of its parts.The iQue Screener’s design reinforces the system’s state-of-the-art performance. Intellicyt cites a number of cases in which customers have purchased the system without even seeing it in operation. The iQue Screener makes a strong case for the ability of design to communicate the key attributes of a product and directly impact the bottom line.