Gripper Vascular Access Device
The GRIPPER® Micro provides access to vascular ports implanted in patients who require repeated or long-term medication infusions.  It is a two-piece system that includes an inserter and an infusion site.  Bridge optimized the ergonomics of the GRIPPER® Micro’s for insertion by a clinician, for wearing by a patient, and for removal, which can even be done by patients themselves.

Gripper Vascular access concept design mockups

The ID team created multiple mockups for comparison and iteration, experimenting with the design of the system components prior to investing in higher-fidelity prototypes.

Gripper product design

After the needle is inserted into an implanted port, the inserter with its needle is removed, leaving behind a small, low profile infusion site. The needle’s unique safety arm provides an audible click when it is lifted, for extra assurance that the needle is locked into a safe position. The infusion site’s small size and foam pad increase patient comfort for long-term therapy.