Cozmo Insulin Pump
New to insulin pumping, Smiths needed a compelling product to win market share from a dominant player. Using our design research skills to deeply understand users, we created a product that’s easy to use while also allowing complex treatment options through its revolutionary user interface. Its design forced all competitors to improve their usability.

Bridge’s UI for the Cozmo insulin pump revolutionized the industry in 2002, creating a product with which all competitors had to catch up.

Up until that time, Cozmo pumps had a DOS-like interface focused on pumping parameters using scientific terms. Cozmo turned this around to communicate with users in plain language and in the way they thought about eating and insulin dosing.

Within 1 year of introduction Cozmo took 10% market share from a dominant, entrenched market leader.

Design Research

Bridge’s early exploration of potential features for Cozmo helped the team identify user types based on varied lifestyle approaches to managing diabetes.  Ultimately this enabled the team to empathize with users, identify the right problem to solve, and solve it.  The result was a groundbreaking product.