An iconic and simple design

for a complex and potentially life-saving diagnostic technology

Accelerate Diagnostics came to Bridge with its novel and potentially life-saving diagnostic technology to design and engineer an elegant and highly functional enclosure and simplified consumable.

Bridge’s highly integrated Engineering and Industrial Design teams collaborated to meet demanding technical requirements in a short time frame. The result streamlined and simplified the user experience, and offered visual excitement to support an emerging brand.

Using its trademark multidisciplinary approach, Bridge’s industrial designers came up with an iconic visual design that proved compact and user-friendly for routine loading and unloading of samples.  Bridge engineers then worked with Accelerate engineers to translate this vision into a cost-conscious solution focused on ease of use, manufacturability, and reliability.

Iconic & compact design

Efficient work flow: from 7 to 3 steps

Ergonomic and user-friendly sample loading and unloading

Design & engineering integration


"The team at Bridge Design worked closely with us to meld engineering functionality with sophisticated and clean design. The experience was fantastic and the results above expectation. Bridge Design was on schedule, engaged and detailed, and consistently offered thoughtful alternatives. We look forward to collaborating again!"

− Andrew Ghusson, Head of Product Development at Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc

Video presenting how the full system works

Our Design Process

Phase 1 : From trends, user research, and mock-ups to initial sketches

During this phase, the Bridge Design team worked closely with Accelerate to define the instrument’s visual identity. We proposed an alternate layout for internal components reducing the overall footprint to accommodate limited bench space common to laboratories. We identified the base plate and the rotating door as the two functional pieces of the instrument and celebrated them as key design features.

Phase 2 : Design Language, CGMF explorations and form definition

Here the designers and engineers from Bridge worked to refine the ideal proportion and visual impact of the instrument. Also during this phase, the consumables were consolidated to a single cartridge simplifying seven loading steps to two, remarkably reducing workflow. Finally, the teams reviewed the color themes, materials and finishes to reinforce the modern look and distinguish the instrument from other laboratory equipment.


Phase 3 : Design details and CGMF specifications

During this phase, we refined the design further to include all of the color, material and finish specifications, including review of sample chips for manufacturing reference. Finally, the engineering team provided Accelerate with a range of final processes and part breakouts for assembly.