Open mHealth Summit – Non-Profit Integrates Digital Data


main-graphicLast month, Bridge’s Industrial and Interaction Design Director, Solene Bourgeois, attended the inaugural Open mHeatlh Summit – a non-profit industry event in San Francisco dedicated to creating open-source code that facilitates sharing of digital health data.

In the group’s own words, Open mHealth is dedicated to “breaking down the barriers to integration and bringing clinical meaning to digital health data.”

By consulting with clinical experts, data scientists, developers, and software architects, the Open mHealth organization is setting standards to create a specific format for health data.

At Bridge, we work on many products addressing chronic health issues, including diabetes or COPD. In these and other chronic conditions, we see so much clinical data that is critical to help patients and physicians coming from multiple devices and platforms in an often confusing delivery. Imagine instead, however, if blood glucose levels were shared in a common schema, regardless of where the data came from.

Participants at the conference demonstrated new tools, such as:

– Hipbone for iOs
This app downloads and serializes all your data to a dropbox.

– Linq
This online platform enables patients to upload information from their devices to use by a doctor. It is currently in a pilot at Stanford Preventive Cardiology.

Some interesting insights from the conference:

From the General Discussion:

– Pain – physical and mental – has huge health implications, but data is difficult to gather and measure.
– Designing for health is different than designing for healthcare. The first focuses more on the concerns of the users. The second needs to consider the entire healthcare system and all stakeholders.

From Patients:
– They would agree to collect more data and share that personal information with doctors but they don’t feel they get much in return.

From Doctors:
– They feel there is no time to load and look at all the data that patients bring in the office.
– They are unclear on what data is actionable – or which app and data is most valuable.
– They feel the the less data, the better.

The next summit will be hosted this Fall in New York on Dec. 4th.