Live Webinar: The Next 5 Years – mHealth & Medical Web App User Interfaces – March 18


Join Bridge Design President, Bill Evans – at the invitation of IDSA – as he talks about the challenges and opportunities mHealth and Medical Web App User Interfaces will have to face over the next 5 years – and how to apply lessons from medical device design to mHealth.

What kinds of medical information-oriented products will designers be working on 5 years from now, and how can we rise to the patient and clinician “engagement” challenges? Based on years of FDA/EU regulated UI design experience, Bill will give predictions and recount 5 lessons learned from the device world, including:

  • Usability isn’t just “Can you use it, but WILL you use it?”
  • Data isn’t useful if it isn’t actionable
  • Sharing data—practicalities and challenges beyond HIPAA concerns
  • User testing from start to finish
  • Small is beautiful—successful rapid prototyping and scale tests

Live Webinar:   MARCH 18

10 – 11 a.m. PDT



This webinar is offered at no cost to IDSA members and non-members alike.

A recording will be available via registration for those not able to listen live.

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