Consumer Influence Growing in MedTech – QMed Awards Bridge 2 of 10 “Remarkably Sleek Medical Devices”

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QMed, which runs the prestigious worldwide Medical Design Excellence Awards, recently selected 10 devices that it believes best represent the increasing influence of Consumer design in MedTech.

Bridge was one of only two firms to receive recognition for two of the 10 designs.  The other was IDEO.  Bridge’s designs were groundbreaking innovations in diabetes care and pain control.

“For more than a decade, Bridge has been in the forefront of bringing user-centered design to medical products,” says Bill Evans, the company’s president. “Both products touted by Qmed benefited from this approach. They also represent examples of medical products that leverage consumer electronics technology to improve the user experience.  In one case e-ink, found on products like the Amazon Kindle reader, helped make for a more legible yet low-power display on an inexpensive home-use diagnostic device.  In the other case, a full-color screen and ease-of-use typical of smart phones was applied to UI of a pain pump design to safely dose potentially dangerous pain-killers.

For full Qmed article:  “10 Remarkably Sleek Medical Devices”