Alair wins bronze in 2012 Medical Design Excellence Awards

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Bridge is proud to share the news that one of our babies has taken home the Bronze in an international design competition for Medical Design Excellence.  We’re always especially thrilled to get recognition in this prestigious contest, given the stiffness of the competition and the stature of the judges. And while we won’t, alas, get to borrow some jewels from Harry Winston for a walk down the red carpet on the way to receiving our award, it really does feel great to have our work officially feted in this community.   Read More

Should I Brainstorm for Christmas gifts?

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But the real question is, what do you mean by Brainstorm?

Brainstorming has become the master brand for coming up with ideas.  However, not every kleenex is a Kleenex, and not every brainstorm is a Brainstorm.  Before we crucify or deify Brainstorming, let’s take a look at a few important aspects and some of the ways it can go wrong. Read More