Bridge got Mojo!

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One of the most exciting and fascinating advents of technology in the last decade is the rise of affordable 3D printing.Think (expensive) Play-Doh for adults.The materials are created from digital blueprints into plastic materials.  However, 3D printers are much more akin to their cousin the 2D inkjet printer, though objects are being printed not only on the traditional X-Y coordinates but with the Z axis.In addition, advancements in 3D CAD software are making it increasingly easier for the novice DIY designer and budding 3D model artist to make their own designs a reality.


With trends towards affordability & ease of use, Bridge decided to purchase the all-in-one 3D desktop Mojo printer by Stratasys in November 2012.  It might not scan, copy or fax, but it’s a modern tool for improving our capacity to do rapid prototyping fast and in-house.  We have already seen enormous benefits on multiple projects.  “Having a quality in house 3D printer augments our design process by allowing us to produce complex prototypes (mechanisms, ergonomics, and industrial design) and test them without being reliant on an outside vendor.  This allows for faster, more integrated prototyping, leading us to better ideas and better solutions for our clients,” said Pete Gleason, Sr. Product Design Engineer.