Bridge Design, a Ximedica Company’s Client Accelerate Diagnostics Wins Gold at MDEA Awards in June

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On Tuesday, June 14th, the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) recognized 27 innovative medtech products in NYC as part of a special ceremony. The event was held in conjunction with the 2016 Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East. The awards honored the technological achievements of medical device manufacturers across nine categories and named gold, silver and bronze medal winners in each category.

Ximedica client Accelerate Diagnostics was honored with a gold medal in the Diagnostics Products and Systems category. Their winning design was the Accelerate ID/AST System designed by Bridge Design, a Ximedica Company. Accelerate Diagnostics came to Bridge with its novel and potentially life-saving diagnostic technology to design and engineer an elegant and highly functional enclosure and simplified consumable.

Using its trademark multidisciplinary approach, Bridge’s industrial designers came up with an iconic visual design that proved compact and user-friendly for routine loading and unloading of samples.  Bridge engineers then worked with Accelerate engineers to translate this vision into a cost-conscious solution focused on ease of use, manufacturability, and reliability.


“MD+DI and MD&M East are excited to honor the MDEA winners for excellence in medical product design and engineering,” said Jamie Hartford, editor-in-chief of MD+DI and director of medical content for the Advanced Manufacturing Group of UBM Americas. “These products will improve the lives of patients and individuals, and we can’t wait to witness their full potential.”


Congratulations to Accelerate Diagnostics!

Bill Evans to Chair IDSA Medical Design Conference

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We are pleased to announce that Bill Evans, IDSA, SVP of Innovation at Bridge Design, a Ximedica company, haas been selected to chair the 2016 Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)’s Medical Design Conference. In addition to bringing on a new chair, the conference will move from its previous location on the East Coast to the West Coast this year. An announcement is pending on the official theme of the conference, which will focus on the practice and current methodologies in the design and development of medical technologies.

Says Evans, “It is an exciting time to be a designer in healthcare. Our profession has a pivotal role—using design to help improve outcomes in a more cost effective way made possible by the digital revolution sweeping through our industry. This year’s conference will take up one of the most pertinent conversations today, in one of the most dynamic innovation hubs in the United States—the creation of meaningful value to truly transform the healthcare system.” He adds, “Recognizing that no one entity—patient, provider, payer or innovator—can address the complete value loop, this conference will draw representatives from the entire ecosystem to foster relevant dialogue and shared learnings.”

Says IDSA Executive Director Daniel Martinage, CAE, “Advancing the Medical Design Conference to the West Coast will enable this premier event to reach an even wider audience. We are confident our partnership with Bill Evans and the top-notch Bridge/Ximedica team will result in a best-in-class event.” The conference is expected to draw hundreds of designers, medical professionals and other experts in related fields to keynote sessions, panels and hands-on workshops in Fall 2016. Attendees will network,exchange ideas and engage in thought-provoking—often one-on-one—conversations in a dynamic environment.

About Bridge Design, a Ximedica company

For more than two decades, Bridge Design has focused on the medical and life sciences arena winning numerous awards for product and interface design. In 2015 Bridge joined forces with Ximedica to create a full service ISO13485 certified and FDA Registered MedTech development firm with over 200 practitioners in 4 locations.

About IDSA

Founded in 1965, the nonprofit, Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) is one of the oldest and largest membership organizations for industrial design professionals. IDSA has thousands of members in dozens of Student Chapters, Professional Chapters and Special Interest Sections in the United States and internationally. IDSA sponsors the annual International Design Excellence Awards® (IDEA), the world’s most prestigious and rigorous design competition. The Society hosts an annual International Design Conference; five District Design Conferences; and a Medical Design Conference. INNOVATION is IDSA’s flagship publication. The Society’s mission is education, information, community and advocacy.


It’s Live! ZPower’s Rechargeable Hearing Aid System

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For the ZPower Recharchable Battery System, Bridge brought together ingenious engineering with smart consumer-oriented industrial design. The system recharges batteries used in hearing aids, and works with most models of major brands.

The tiny size of most hearing aid batteries – and their relatively short battery life – make them extremely difficult for users to handle, and require reinstalling every few weeks. ZPower’s patent-protected battery technology allows for 24+ hours of power on a single charge, and battery changing about once a year.

ZPower wanted a design that allowed patients – often elderly – great ease in recharging the batteries nightly, and equal facility for them or their audiologist’s office to replace the battery once a year – regardless of the hearing aid brand.

Industrial Design Solution

Users of the rechargeable batteries place them on a charging “dock” each night. Bridge’s industrial design team turned to museums to inspire the look and ease of use of the charging station.  Just as museums use the same pedestal to display different sculptures, the Zpower charger serves in essence as a  “pedestal” onto which different models of hearing aids are easily placed. The design is clean, elegant and efficient.

Engineering Solution

Bridge helped create a design that uses only two custom components for each hearing aid model: a custom shell for the battery door on the hearing aids, and a custom cradle on the charger where the hearing aids sit. All other components in the modified battery door and the charger are common between every hearing aid brand or model.

Ximedica Acquires Bridge – Press Release

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Press Release

August 18, 2015

Ximedica and Bridge Design Join Forces, Setting a New Bar for MedTech Development

PROVIDENCE, RI & MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, MN, SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 18, 2015) – XIMEDICA, a leading, full service, medical technologies development firm, today, announced that it has acquired Bridge Design. The acquisition of Bridge Design, based in San Francisco, CA, provides Ximedica with a West Coast hub and an expanded front-end offering of leading-edge design services for physical and digital products, including mHealth.

The acquisition sets the stage for the East-Coast MedTech innovator to enter the country’s foremost high-tech capital, creating a bi-coastal, one-stop-shop union that marries best in class expertise with that of its new subsidiary.

“This partnership has been formed to broaden the strength, reach and scale of Ximedica’s comprehensive development offering,” says Randall S. Barko, Ximedica’s Chief Executive Officer and President. “Ximedica brings the regulated systems, procedures and expertise to complement Bridge Design’s two-plus decades of award-winning design in MedTech. By combining these strengths, we bring high value to our clients, offering a cost-effective development approach and a depth of expertise aligned with industry trends for digitally connected solutions.”

Says Aidan Petrie, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder of Ximedica, “This is about two organizations who share the same innovative DNA locking arms and setting a new bar for the design and development of medical technologies.”

Bridge Design, a Ximedica Company, will continue operating out of its current office in San Francisco, drawing on the back-end capabilities of Ximedica to expand offerings with existing clients while servicing new relationships with key clients on the West Coast.

“By joining forces with Ximedica,” says Bill Evans, President of Bridge Design, “we will be able to respond to an increasing demand from our client base for a more comprehensive offering. We believe this will resonate deeply as major growth areas like mHealth build strength. In addition, we are looking forward to scaling our team and talent and fueling a common hunger to solve substantive design problems withelegant and engaging solutions.”

Ximedica’s Westward move ties into an ongoing expansion strategy started in the Fall of 2014 when SV Life Sciences, a Boston-based private equity firm, purchased a majority stake in the firm. Says Barko, “Eight months ago we partnered with SV Life Sciences and embarked on the next phase of our global growth strategy. The acquisition of Bridge Design moves us further down that path. Bringing together top design and integrated engineering is nothing short of a powerful synergy and we look forward to seeing the impact we can create ahead.”

About Ximedica

Ximedica is a full-service ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered product development firm. For 30 years Ximedica has provided a unique growth platform enabling organizations to successfully deploy medical technology products into the market. Its headquarters are in Providence, R.I., with offices in Hong Kong and Minneapolis, and now San Francisco. In November of 2014, SV Life Sciences, a Boston-based private equity firm, purchased a majority stake in Ximedica.

About Bridge Design

Bridge Design, based in San Francisco, has focused for more than two decades on award-winning design of medical and life sciences products – physical and digital. Bridge’s expertise in Design Strategy, Industrial Design and User Experience, fluently merges with Engineering. Clients range from Fortune 500 to startups, including device manufacturers, pharmaceutical, life science firms, as well as companies in consumer health and wellness. 


Hope Hopkins

M 617.850.2721 L 401.330.3163 ext. 149


Marie-Jeanne Juilland

M 650-823-3354


What’s Your Digital Health Product Worth? To The User, That Is …

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Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 4.35.48 PM

Bill Evans, Founder of  Bridge Design & SVP Innovation for Bridge’s new partner Ximedica, spoke at the recent 2015 Digital Health Summer Summit.

Here’s a relatively short VIDEO summing up his thoughts on the question: “What’s Your Technology Worth?”

Bill’s perspective is that of a designer who listens to users – patients or health care professionals – finding out how they define the “worth” of a product.

He was interviewed as part of a panel moderated by Sarah Jane Militttello, director of operations at UCSF’s Samsung Digital Health Innovation Lab.

Bridge to Speak at IDSA Int’l. Conference

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Bill Evadownloadns, founder of Bridge Design, will speak about “The Next Wave of Healthcare Innovation” at the IDSA International Conference  next week in Seattle, Wash.

Healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. Two major demographic and economic factors will dominate the future of global healthcare in the next 50 years – in both the developed and the developing world. They are aging and spending per capita. Bill will outline these trends and how they will impact designers and consumers of healthcare products and services across the globe. He also will speak on how technology and innovation—with the aid of designers—can help shape the healthcare ecosystem of the future.