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In this increasingly design-savvy world, design can make or break a product.  Our goal is to inspire confidence in your brand through products that are as well-resolved outside as they are inside.

Design for medical and other life sciences products often poses unique challenges: handle ergonomics enabling both 1-handed or 2-handed operation; precise motion control by feel during surgery; enormous biotech machines that must nestle comfortably into tight working quarters and interface with humans and robots; devices patients with chronic diseases use every day that they would rather ignore or hide than have to carry or wear; users who are attached to old ways of doing things and reluctant to risk new. Growing global emphasis on human factors (HE75 and IEC 62366) adds to demands on design. Bridge’s industrial designers are experts at recognizing and addressing these types of issues, and bring a visual sensibility to design solutions that emphasizes not just beauty but appropriateness of the product’s appearance and reinforcement of your brand values.

Design teams often get mired in conflicting demands. Our ID team is skilled at guiding clients through iterations of visualizations and models crafted to identify, prioritize, and ultimately respond to those demands.

From early, exploratory concept development to the final details of color, materials, and finish, our industrial designers’ analytical and creative skills shape the product to add value and ultimately increase sales.

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