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Every designer at Bridge is a relentless champion of the user. We want to help your users tell us what they want — not what the design solution should be (that’s our job).  It’s when we  understand the nuances of what they care most about, and why, that we can devote our efforts to solving the right design problems.

As part of our qualitative research process, we create models and props to put into people’s hands. This gives us insights well beyond what any market survey can supply. Backed by meaningful feedback about real tradeoffs, product decisions aimed to capture a target market can be made with confidence.

While we bring to the table countless hours of experience in the field, we also recognize that every project is different. We will guide your team through research custom-designed to produce actionable insights and recommendations, from demographic selection and study design, to moderation and analysis of results. We can provide all of these services directly, or support your team in any aspect of their research planning and execution.

Our user-centered design approach features formative testing, a requirement early in product development, and promotes planning for the stringent summative testing that products must undergo prior to commercialization. Our research capabilities have global reach via collaboration with our parent company, Ximedica, and allows us to manage the more formal summative human factors testing. We also help our clients comply with the relatively new FDA and IEC human factors standards for testing during design development (HE75 and IEC 62366).

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