"Big picture thinking – without the hype"

"Pragmatic solutions to complex problems"

"Outstanding insights on user interface"

"High integration between engineering, ID, and UI"

"Personalized service delivered with integrity"

20 + Years Optimizing Health and Business Outcomes

At Bridge, we’ve focused for more than two decades on designing medical and life sciences products – from handheld to the purely virtual. Our clients, ranging from Fortune 500 to startups, turn to us for strategic as well as tactical design excellence. As the healthcare industry undergoes seismic change – driven to cut costs while improving patient outcomes –  Bridge’s depth of experience gives us insight into the challenges and opportunities facing many in our industry sectors. Our parent company Ximedica collaborates closely, adding a complete outsourced R&D solution on a global scale. We partner with device manufacturers, pharmaceutical and life science firms, payers and providers, as well as companies in consumer health and wellness.  At Bridge, we relish collaborating with firms in these industries to find solutions that improve lives and business outcomes.

What Makes Us Different?

Yes, we bring deep experience and strategic insight to maximize commercial success in medical and life sciences industries. Yes, we help optimize execution and lower risk for clients. And yes, of course we insist on user-centered design.

Where we differ is our approach to product design.  We sum it up in one word:  INTEGRATION.
At Bridge, our approach is external as well as internal: engineers, industrial designers, design researchers, user experience experts truly work side by side – not only with each other at Bridge, but also with our clients.
This highly integrated approach has earned Bridge a reputation:
• for solving some of the industry’s most complex design problems
• for design that is not only beautiful, but can actually be manufactured
• for seamless, delightful user experiences that work for skilled professionals as well those with challenging health conditions
We’re also known for our entrepreneurial ethos.
Nurtured by our location in the tech center of San Francisco, we share energy and fresh thinking with start-ups and brand name clients alike. At larger organizations, we partner with internal leaders whose innovation aims not only to cut costs and grow market share, but also to tap into entirely new opportunities where physical and virtual products intersect.
And yes, at Bridge we tend to call it like we see it.
Over the years, we’ve partnered in taking numerous products through from user-focused research, to product launch, and then on to iterative lifecycles. We know what it takes to get there. We’ve learned what pitfalls to avoid. We’ll raise our hand if we see a better way of doing things.
“One thing I especially like about Bridge is they’re so real and down-to-earth, and everybody I’ve worked with there is a strong contributor.  With Bridge, there’s never a bait-and-switch; you know what and who you’re going to get on your project.”    – Eric Davis, Global Director, Innovation, Abbott Diabetes Care
Our reputation has been built through years of repeat business. Our clients rely on us to help them navigate difficult challenges and often conflicting needs.
We’d like the opportunity to do the same for you.