The Convergence of Medical Devices and Consumer Products

Bill Evans Principal of Bridge Design San Francisco speaking at a GlobalSpec eVent “Medical Equipment Design” on March 3rd 2010.

After a short introduction by the moderator, Bill discusses the opportunities and design approaches for
medical device manufacturers to create convergent products.  For Bill, the way the term convergence is
used in this context is not the same as it might be used to describe a smart-phone that converges a
music player and PDA into itself. For him it’s about the convergence of consumer product design
thinking with medical device design thinking, creating products that delight users and exceed

Especially in highly competitive areas of medicine the biggest opportunity for device manufacturers is
to create more consumer product-like experiences for their users rather than just trying to leverage
consumer product technology. Certainly inexpensive color LCD screens and powerful processors help
in this convergence but it is not the only way. Medical devices without any electronics in them can
benefit from this thinking. Bill gives specific examples of products and describes where he gets his
inspiration for convergence and the design processes that are likely to be successful in achieving
such customer-satisfying devices..

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