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Bridge has focused on designing medical and life sciences products for more than 20 years. Our clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, turn to us for strategic as well as tactical design excellence. And while Bridge has garnered multiple industry awards over the years, our most important contribution is how we partner with our clients to fully understand and improve their business outcomes by design.

"You might understand the technology and know your product is going after a big market, but if you don't understand clearly what your customers want you have an incomplete puzzle. Bridge Design helped us define the product and allowed the whole team to get clear direction."

− Rhall Pope VP RD at Smiths Medical – Cozmo insulin pump and Cleo infusion set

"Bridge provided key strengths that enabled us to develop our thinking for the next release of our paradigm-shifting mobile health app. I found the Bridge team to be bright, knowledgable, inventive, professional—and a pleasure to collaborate with."

− Alison Polkinhorne, VP of Product Development at DigiSight Technologies, Inc.

"“The team at Bridge Design worked closely with us to meld engineering functionality with sophisticated and clean design. The experience was fantastic and the results above expectation. Bridge Design was on schedule, engaged and detailed, and consistently offered thoughtful alternatives. We look forward to collaborating again!”"

− Andrew Ghusson, Head of Product Development at Accelerate Diagnostics, Inc.

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